The Sparkling Girls of Summer Part II

“The event was amazing and we raised over $150,000!! Thank you again Sparkle Plenty for your hard work on the T-shirt’s!!”

This is what we heard after K2 Adventures Foundation held their gala, with some extra awesome sparkle (as seen in this post).

    Here’s a bit about they do and who they help:

“K2 Adventures foundation is a sister organization to our travel company, K2 Adventure Travel. Both of our organizations are inspired by an unwavering belief in the limitless potential of the human spirit.
For nearly a decade, we have been working to help individuals find the greater version of themselves. Our mission is to care for children, adults and families with special needs and or life-changing medical and financial circumstances by providing services, support and funds that will be used for educational and medical enrichment.

For more info. about the work of their Non Profit Corporation K2 Adventures Foundation.


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Celebrating 30 years “on the vine” never looked so fabulous! 🎓🍇

A reunion — with sparkle!
Celebrating 30 years “on the vine” in gorgeous rhinestones by!🎓🍇

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The Girls of Summer

It’s still spring, but we couldn’t wait to share some photos of these gorgeous girls of summer showing off what matters to them — their brand’s message in sparkling rhinestones (by the leader in BLING-WEAR, Sparkle Plenty Designs!)

Stay tuned for PART II, which will show off more of their custom rhinestone apparel we created for them to use as fundraisers!

Want to see your message just for your crew?
Call us at 215.389.1877 or visit this page.

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Shirt Lab Sparkle 💎 for Promotion Product Pros

💎 product promo professional sparkle (say THAT 3 times fast!)

Sparkle Plenty was thrilled to be a sponsor at Marshall Atkinson’s SHIRT LAB PRO event. The Shirt Lab educational expos are KEY for promotional product professionals to learn how to really up their game, make new connections, and learn to add income to their businesses.

All of the attendees were lucky to get a shirt in their SWAG BAG (sweet!) – and – our logo was displayed with the other sponsors on the banner, which made for plenty of paparazzi pics!

Here’s a quote from Marshall himself: “The event went great! Your shirts looked terrific and were part of the swag bag that everyone received at the end. I was very impressed.”

You can see the custom rhinestone logo shirts (below) which were included in the SWAG BAGS for all attendees. These quality rhinestone shirts can be used to show to clients to give them ideas for NEW & EXCITING offerings in sparkling rhinestones which they may have never thought of before. Bling-wear can be created for shirts, totes, caps, hoodies, leggings, etc. — We’re here for you with ideas PROMO PEEPS 😃 CALL US!

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Rhinestones, Owls & Tootsie Pops 🦉

Once upon a time, a wise old cartoon owl was asked how many licks it would take to reach the center of a Tootsie pop.

The owl took the pop from the cartoon boy asking the question and with that, he promptly arrived at the answer – three licks is all it took.

If there are enough candles on your birthday cake to light up a room, you know that commercial.

It came to my mind a few days ago when I received a call asking about custom rhinestone shirts.

The guy on the phone asked if he could expect about twenty washes from a bling shirt before all the stones fell off. Almost immediately, that owl came to mind.

Why twenty? For the same reason, I guess, that 3 licks gets you to the center of that pop….it’s a possible answer but not the right one.

A Sparkle Plenty rhinestone shirt will last as long (or longer) than the real number of licks it takes to reach that gummy center in that blow pop and when the Tootsie Pop is done and gone, the bling shirt will still keep on tickin’.

If that matters to you (I figure it does), call or email us to get quality custom bling shirts that will look great today, and will still look great many birthday candles from now.

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My Pet Steps in the Sparkle Spotlight 🐾

My Pet Steps creates beautiful custom jewelry designed with your beloved pets. We all know the joy and love animals bring to our lives, and their business evolved from their love of animals of all kinds — they have four rescue cats, a dog, a chinchilla, a guinea pig and fish too! (The crew at Sparkle Plenty Designs are fellow pet/animal lovers ourselves, so we’re a fan!).

So we can all celebrate this unique bond with our animals, they create hand-made keepsakes that showcase your pet’s photo or paw print.

Through modern 3-D technology and old fashion hand-casting, their custom jewelry is designed with your pet’s image. Charms, key-chains and pendants are casted into bronze, silver or gold.

Their products just debuted at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo in November and the response has been great! They tell us they chose Sparkle Plenty Designs rhinestone shirts because BLING IS BETTER!!! (We agree :) )

Maria Brady, Principal of My Pet Step stated, “The sparkle adds a unique touch that compliments our brand.”

Please take a look at their awesome work at My Pet Steps.

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Sparkle & Wine: It’s Podcast Time!

Paul Bonacquisti and Cha Cha Chavez of Denver Wine Radio (the only radio station inside a working winery) recently welcomed Val & Steph of the Wine Two Five Podcast to chat about wine, wine education, and their W25 LoCo (Local Colorado) podcast.

We at Sparkle Plenty Designs have been lucky enough to work with both brands and bling their logos life in sparkling rhinestones. We created the Wine Two Five tote (as seen next to the mixing board), the Wine Two Five tshirts for Val & Steph, AND the winery bling as modeled by Emily of Bonacquisti Wine.

Have a look at the at our Custom Design Galley to see what we do, and ASK US about creating YOUR logo, brand, idea or message in sparkling long-lasting, high quality rhinestones. BLING is our business, and we win awards for our work!

NOTE: if you’d like to order any of their items, please contact them directly, or send us an email and we’ll reach out to them.

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In the PROMO BIZ? If You Want Customers (& Money) READ THIS!

You need new customers. Revenue goals need to be met, you need to grow your business–you’d like more money.

It’s never easy. Potential customers and clients are busy and you’ve got very little time to get their attention, plus, they need to like and trust you if they’re going to buy from you.

We all know this and it can be draining. You can do a TON of work and still not know whether they’ll ever buy. A lot of customers can’t decide and end up doing nothing after you’ve spent time meeting with them, making follow up calls/emails (which sometimes seem endless, because you want to help them).

What’s the easier way? Instead of spending a lot of time finding new buyers, make better use of your time selling new items to people who already buy from you. Hey, you’ve already done the work – they like and trust you, they’re buying from you. Leverage that relationship, get them excited about something new. It shows them that you’re on the ball and you’ll make new sales.

How? If you’re an ASI or PPAI/Sage distributor, you’re probably selling custom apparel a lot (apparel is the largest category of promo products sales), but you’re selling what people already know (screenprinting/embroidery). Nothing new there. You’ll only sell so much of it to customer X this year. Then you have to wait till next year.

What can you sell that’s new? Bling…that’s what. It’s a stand out visual that goes to the heart of our industry…to promote. If you want to punch up a logo or any design, nothing does it like bling. Sure, it’s almost entirely for women, but it’s the kind of look women love, women notice and talk about. And since women make up the majority of decision makers, all the more reason to offer something you know they’ll love.

Bling gets re-ordered and generates referrals.

As for the target market, anywhere you have a group of women you have an audience for bling.

One of our largest jobs ever was for an industrial well pump company. We’ve also done work for oil/energy companies, heavy industry, landscaping, banking, mortgage/realty businesses, cruise lines and even military / law enforcement. It’s a wide open market.

If you’re not sure how to sell it, let it sell itself (like the old Honda car commercial). For $5, we’ll provide you a decorated bling shirt with a look that’s sure to impress. Take it on sales calls, show it around….watch what happens.

Email us: / call us: 215-389-1877.

As Nike says, JUST DO IT.

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Dazzling Designs Passed the Torch

Recently, a competitor of ours, Dazzling Designs Inc., a full service bling apparel decorator in Vancouver, WA, went into the sunset after a long, sparkling run of making the world a prettier, happier place (bling = shiny, happy people and they made a lot of people happy).

Angela and Julie, co-owners of Dazzling, didn’t want to leave their customers stuck in a blah, bling-less hell, so they kindly began referring their peeps to us, making sure there was no confusion about where to go to get what they needed.

We’ve been on the case, handling re-orders and new ones as well, making sure your bling is only a phone call or email away from becoming the visually stunning reality before your eyes.

If you worked with Dazzling in the past, or recently found out about them (searching for a great company, only to realize they’re no longer in business), know that they were confident in us to take the reins and make the quality rhinestone apparel you expect.

We’re a family biz, always available by phone or email to answer your questions, and like Dazzling, we make the bling you want, the way you want it!! Just ask for Andrew.

P.S. You never have to deal with annoying phone menus or email auto replies. When you reach out to us you’ll get a real person who’ll actually help you. Can you imagine? Call us today (215-389-1877) or email: Please check out examples of our rhinestone and crystal work HERE.


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Blinging in Autumn 2018

SUMMER may be over for 2018 (yes, it went fast, right?) but we’ll help you keep the sunny AUTUMN season sparkling!
Whether you’re new to bling, or you have a deep love of bling — and you just found this post — you’ve come to the right place, and we’re happy you did :)

Custom rhinestone design examples

Custom rhinestone shirts & Swarovski crystal logo-wear & bling apparel is our specialty, and, our sparkle is such fabulous quality, we have to brag a bit, and let you know we’ve actually won awards for our sparkle-wear!

PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT DISTRIBUTORS: We’ll create rhinestone heat transfers, decorate your blanks or do the whole job in-house. We’re on YOUR TEAM.

Learn more and click over to our home at Sparkle Plenty Designs and/or CALL us 215.389.1877 (or email is fine too at and let’s find talk about some BLING!

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