A new line of sparkle (& ink) that gives back!

Sparkle Plenty Designs is thrilled to show you a few of our sparkly custom tees we created for customers, a sneak peek of our fabulous new line of ink shirts, and a cameo appearance by a Swarovski crystal bracelet, too!

We believe in paying it forward, so every sale generated gives back to causes and people in need. Please have a look at:

Wear Something that Means Something

You can find all of our items at our shop Sparkle Plenty Designs.

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Promo Products Distributors/Suppliers: We’re on Your Team

At Sparkle Plenty Designs we’re more than a supplier — our team is on your TEAM. We’ll help you understand the product, how to present it to make it work for your client, so you make the sale AND keep your client happy.

We can work out a variety of pricing options, and suggest ways to reduce cost to help you make the sale. We also provide mock ups that will move your customer to buying.

We’re clear on this point: when you make the sale, so do we.

lee ange press shot cropped Promo Products Distributors/Suppliers: Were on Your Team

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A Ruff Life Rescue in the Sparkle Spotlight

We at Sparkle Plenty love animals — especially dogs — so we love sharing A Ruff Life Rescue with you.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your organization/business
My name is Kristin Mercer, the co founder of it’s A Ruff Life Rescue. I’m an accountant by day and dog rescuer by night icon smile A Ruff Life Rescue in the Sparkle Spotlight . It’s A Ruff Life was formed in 2013. We are an all breed rescue that pulls dogs from high kill shelter all over the country. We also transport the dogs ourselves. We have a group of volunteers That drive to places like Georgia and South Carolina to pick up the dogs and deliver them to our home base in Hamilton, NJ. Our motto is, “Turning Ruff beginnings Into Happy Endings.” We have a great group of fosters in NJ and PA that help rehab, train, and love on the dogs, in order to get them ready for their forever homes.

rescue A Ruff Life Rescue in the Sparkle Spotlight YOU CAN DONATE HERE

How was your recent RUFF LIFE fundraising dinner?
The Spay-Ghetti and No Balls fundraiser was a huge success. Our volunteers worked their butts off to solicit donations that were auctioned off to help raise money for spaying, neutering, and our vet bills. The Mardi Gras themed event was a huge hit, but more importantly, we were able to share a little about what we do and why we do it. One of the shelters we pull from, has a 50% kill rate.. this means that one out of every two dogs that walk in the door, never gets a second chance and dies. This is why it’s so important that people are educated on the importance of spaying and neutering.

What made you decide to do bling shirts, and what was the reaction when people saw them?
We are always looking for new merchandise and lets face it, what other rescue has bling shirts?
We think they look awesome and now people can support the rescue in style. Everyone loves the new shirts, but most especially our fosters.

ruff rescue sparkle A Ruff Life Rescue in the Sparkle Spotlight

Since you are a dog rescue group, feel free to share a humorous story?
There are so many funny and crazy stories, that we could probably write a book, but here’s one of the funnier ones..
We had pulled a litter of pups and when we divided them up to go to their respective fosters, we totally missed the fact that one of the pups was a boy, and not a girl. funnier yet, the foster never even noticed. It wasn’t until the pup was adopted and the adopter called. Long story short, the adopters were fine with it, loved the pup regardless, they just had to rename the pup.

How many furkids do you have?
I have 3 chihuahuas, 3 pugs and a resident Pit bull foster.

Any upcoming fundraisers?
Our next fundraiser is April 9th at the Jackson Pet Valu. We will be hosting doggy pics with the Easter Bunny.

Any parting words?
I would encourage everyone that loves dogs to give fostering a shot. I can’t tell you in words how rewarding it is. The more fosters we have the more lives can be saved. If anyone is interested in signing up, send us an email at aruffliferescue@gmail.com

dog ruff A Ruff Life Rescue in the Sparkle Spotlight

Check out our sparkle site and be sure to visit A Ruff Life Rescue.

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Shirts with a cause ❤❤❤ and they look FREAKING AWESOME!

Do Women’s Rights, LGBT lives and EQUALITY matter to you? They do to us, and we’ve created a line of cool & comfy t-shirts called WE THE PEOPLE (in both rhinestone and ink) that GIVE BACK to causes you care about, and they look FREAKING AWESOME!

PLEASE KNOW that a portion of ALL proceeds will be given to organizations supporting the rights of women and providing services to women (including women’s shelters) & the LGBT COMMUNITY. PRE-ORDERS will ship in March, all others in stock & ready to ship)

SHOP HERE and you’ll be looking FAB and FEELING GREAT TOO!

tees sparkle Shirts with a cause ❤❤❤ and they look FREAKING AWESOME!

love shirt Shirts with a cause ❤❤❤ and they look FREAKING AWESOME!

(we’re also on INSTAGRAM — please join us!)

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alpha 1 ALPHA FEMALES rule!

refinery sparkle ALPHA FEMALES rule!

Today we’re checking in with the artsy and fabulous Carley Holtsinger Sparkle-Diva.com

Carley, please share the reason for this cool design?

The idea came to me a few years ago when someone called me an alpha female. Knowing that it was true, I decided to hand bedazzle a sparkly t-shirt proudly displaying “ALPHA FEMALE” across the chest.

— and the bling?
Being that my alter ego is Sparkle Diva, there was no other option but bling!

Short & sweet, and totally AWESOME!
Please be sure to check out her site, follow her at on INSTAGRAM and grab one of those ALPHA FEMALE ts!

Need BLING for YOUR MESSAGE? contact Sparkle Plenty Designs (we’re also on INSTAGRAM — please join us!)

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Peace Love Wine (and of course, rhinestones!)

We at Sparkle Plenty Designs are in LOVE with this PEACE LOVE WINE sparkling shirt, and their website. Be sure to hop on over to take a look around (and sign up for their goodies – or maybe even purchase a tee)!

Then, be sure to check out a fabulous Courtesy Post about the company, and here’s a few FUN words with Tiffany, the founder of Peace Love Wine:

What can Sparkle Plenty Designs BLING to life in YOUR world?

wine sparkle Peace Love Wine (and of course, rhinestones!)

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your organization/business:

I say we are a Gals’ Club with Wine Benefits. We offer subscription gift products for the creative woman, fempreneur, or mompreneur who needs a reminder to take some time out for herself. They also make ideal unique real estate closing and client gifts free-spirited female clients. What better way to show appreciation than the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways? Each BOHO box features a handcrafted piece of wearable art (jewelry) by a female artisan in the US. We include a bio and link to her website. And, each box contributes to a non-profit organization. We recently had our launch party which was a wine pairing dinner (of course) and silent auction. A portion of the proceeds are going to The ALS Association in addition to supporting the business. We have also done wine and yoga events (the bling tanks transfer effortlessly from the tasting room to the yoga studio) and we hope to do more live events.

In March we will be doing an online Virtual Happy Hour Retreat called Creative Women, Wine, and Wisdom – How to De-stress, Cultivate Creativity, and Embrace Sisterhood…over a glass of wine.

…and your inspiration?

Peace Love & Wine was inspired over a glass of wine with a close girlfriend who owns a ’79 VW bus. The mermaid muse came to me in a half-meditative/half-doze state. She may not seem like a natural fit, but I figured, it’s my company, if I want a mermaid, then I’m going to have a mermaid.
If people are looking to add a splash of creativity to their lives, I recommend they head over to peaceloveandwine.com and sign up to get a free meditative wine-themed download. Then pour a glass of wine and get coloring.

What made you decide to do bling shirts?

Because bling makes everything more fun and life is too short not to sparkle!
First word that popped out when you saw your sparkle-wear?
“Yay!” I get comments wherever I wear it and people often ask where they can get one.

Any fun feedback you’ve received:

I just had a customer who ordered her first BOHO Box and absolutely loved it (which doesn’t include a shirt). Now she wants to order several shirts for herself and girlfriends!

LOVE IT, and your FABULOUS designs and concept!

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“Killer” Sparkle & Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter)

We at Sparkle Plenty Designs LOVE to hear from our customers about why their particular design resonates with them – here’s Annie’s story about her new beautiful Swarovski sparkle-wear ❤

Please tell us about your idea for this very cool design:

“I am a huge Dexter fan. Watching season 5 of Dexter helped me to heal from an unfortunate encounter with a sociopath.
I wanted Dexter to have a happy ending so I wrote some fan fiction giving Dexter redemption.

I then had the good fortune to personally hand it to Michael C Hall, and 18 months later I was able to see Michael star in David Bowie’s musical LAZARUS, and I was lucky enough to see Michael again at the stage door. He remembered me, and I asked him if he liked the story. He told me that my story was amazing. That moment was very special.

As a writer, the fact that Michael liked my story meant more to me than an Academy Award. I WAS SO HAPPY with the AXL/DC shirts that you made for me, that I wanted to crystallize the memory of that day.

It also made me think of the AC/DC song, If you want Blood you got it.”

~ Annie

Check out the “KILLER” SPARKLE and Michael C. Hall here:
dexter insta Killer Sparkle & Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter)

Michael C Hall 1 Killer Sparkle & Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter)

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Hellooooooooo Valentine ♥

Hellooooo Valentine! ♥ ♥ ♥ Sparkling Swarovski crystal bracelets now on SALE at Sparkle Plenty Designs

saw brac sparkle Hellooooooooo Valentine ♥

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Peel & Stick Rhinestone Sparkle!

tat pir e1484955570149 Peel & Stick Rhinestone Sparkle!  Sparkle Plenty Designs creates sparkling custom rhinestone tattoos for events, branding, schools, fundraisers or, just for FUN!!

Please visit our work at http://sparkle-plenty.com/custom.html Or contact us about YOUR custom design (*minimums apply)

pirate tat skin Peel & Stick Rhinestone Sparkle!

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A (SPARKLE) Frequently Asked Question

shirts A (SPARKLE) Frequently Asked Question

When it comes to rhinestones, we at Sparkle Plenty Designs ONLY use premium stones, making sure all rhinestone designs (heat transfers) are individually checked and adjusted before they’re either shipped out to our customers or heat pressed onto garments (tees, caps, totes, hoodies, etc.) to create finished decorated apparel.

Here’s the deal — with rhinestones, there are 2 primary considerations:

1. The quality of the stones

2. The quality of the application

Quite simply, these 2 things make all the difference between a high quality, durable design application and the kind of questionable design work that makes people less than trusting about working with bling (we’ve seen what happens when design work isn’t handled with care which is why we take extra steps to make the best possible product).

First off, on the issue of bling itself, “rhinestone” is something of an umbrella term, as there is no one source for rhinestones (unlike, for example, Swarovski crystal, which is the one and only). Rhinestones come in different grades and from different countries (primarily Korea and China, with Korean stones being far superior). We use AAA grade Korean stones, which are of a very high quality (very blingy) and made with excellent glue backings, to ensure they do the job (looking good and keeping themselves that way).

As for the application, stones are applied with high heat to melt the glue backings, so that once cool, the glues harden, creating what should be a permanent bond to the item being decorated. Two things can go wrong here: first, the heat press could register a sub-par temperature — for example, it may give a reading of 350 degrees but only heat to 315 — and not provide adequate heat (this happens with older and inferior equipment which produce “dead spots” or cold spots). Second, stones can have defective backings (since rhinestones are produced in the millions over time, it’s not surprising that you’ll have defects here and there in different batches).

We deal with these issues directly. Our equipment is American made, commercial grade and only a year old, so it’s in great shape and we take occasional heat readings to ensure correct temperature. As for the stones, we’re the only company that we know of that does quality control on every heat transfer of every custom job we work on.

This means someone is reviewing the backings of the stones of every design, looking for any questionable stones, and replacing them with good ones. We also re-align stones so they are positioned as they ought to be (especially important with certain shapes and text in particular…nobody wants crooked letters). This takes time from production but it ensures a level of quality that makes our product stand out and why we have a 5 Star ★★★★★ ASI rating.

Please visit our work at http://sparkle-plenty.com/custom.html

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