Rhinestone 101

Crystal & Rhinestone

Bling continues to remain white hot for the 2010/2011 season. It’s MAJOR on the designer runways from Milan to Paris and everywhere in-between, and our company makes it easy — and affordable to have your very own blingwear to show off.

To begin, we provided a quick and easy primer about the differences between Swarovski crystals and rhinestones.

Let’s start with SWAROVSKI: A well-known and respected name, Swarovski crystal is by far the best in the world – technically, this falls under the heading of a rhinestone, but the stones themselves are leaded crystal. This fact, along with the many stone facets, makes them more brilliant than anything else — that’s what gives the stones that diamond-like sparkle! Many of the gorgeous tees you see at Sparkle Plenty Designs are made with Swarovski. The basics: Swarovski differs from regular rhinestone in 2 ways: it’s leaded, which adds to brilliance and clarity, and it has more facets to the stones: about 14 for Swarovski versus about 8 for rhinestone.

RHINESTONES: Rhinestones are a fine option and differ in grades and origin — Czech, Korean and Chinese. Korean stones are more costly more than Chinese, but offer a much better look. Chinese stones are generally inferior in quality and have a plastic look, so it’s best to go with quality when you want a rich-looking garment.

To take this primer a bit further, Korean stones also come in various grades – A, A+, AA and AAA. Sparkle Plenty Designs uses AAA since they are pretty much the best Korean stones. The difference among these grades is hard to measure, though you can generally tell the difference between the low and high end stones. There’s more shine and sparkle with the higher quality rhinestones.

Sparkle Plenty Designs creates custom logowear and apparel in both Swarovski crystal and rhinestone for a wide range of customers, like:

  • Corporate logos for tradeshows/events
  • Sales team (multi-level companies use these for sales teams)
  • Salons (hair/tanning) / Spas
  • Religious groups
  • Moms for their kids sports teams
  • Cheer/Dance teams
  • Fitness clubs

    The list goes on – really any business or group with a large female market or membership loves this product. Specifically, the sparkle speaks to their femininity in a way that other embellishment forms don’t – also, we offer ladies shirts that provide a better look and fit than regular unisex tees, which are typically used with screening or other printing type embellishments.

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    1. Rhaine Bryt says:

      Your rhinestones really catches the eye. It looks so expensive and that impressed me a lot! Thank you!

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