~ A friendly notice to VAJAZZLERS ~

Please BEWARE of inferior body crystal imitations which are NOT made for skin, but for cell phones, ipods, laptops and the like.

Sparkle Plenty’s genuine Swarovski body crystals and our custom rhinestone body tattoos are made with a safe-for-human skin medical adhesive, and are dermatologically tested.

You see, many inferior stones are simply not made with a skin-friendly glue, and side effects range from welts, burns, rashes, etc. and at worst case, could lead to permanent scarring.

ALWAYS please make certain you purchase skin-friendly crystal or rhinestone body tattoos from Sparkle Plenty or another reputable source.

About Sparkle Plenty

"We give a glam" ~
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  2. swarovski online says:

    love these Swarovski body crystals so much

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