Girls Night In (host a “vajazzle” party!)

Home parties — we’re all invited to them, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to find a fabulous piece of jewelry, a kitchen gizmo, a tasty recipe or an amazing skin cream, but many of us leave the party feeling a touch of guilt about spending too much, or months later we’ll find the items still in the packaging with their pretty little ribbons gathering dust in the corner of our closet.

Well, Sparkle Plenty Designs has a sparkling new idea! Invite the girls over for cocktails (or mocktails if you’re under 21) and host your own crystal body bling (also known as a vajazzle / vajazzling party). Your lucky guests will literally leave your home sparkling!

Genuine Swarovski temporary crystal body tattoos by Sparkle Plenty Designs are fun, pretty and as sexy as you want them to be. They’re safe for human skin (Swarovski crystals feature a non-allergenic medical adhesive) and can easily be placed on the bikini line, shoulders, arms, feet, legs, back, belly, even down yonder — you name it!

Be creative! You can stock up on a variety of designs (butterflies, ladybugs, lips, hearts, stars, moons, angels, and so many more) and even create your own body art designs, crystal-by-crystal, to create a vajazzle like nobody’s business (one you and your partner will totally appreciate)!

Best of all, Sparkle Plenty just lowered the minimum buy to only 50 pcs (at wholesale prices) so be sure to stock up now. Swarovski body crystals are hot hot hot (and so are you)!

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