How to Get Motivated and Stay Focused

Getting motivated is difficult for many people and staying motivated is even a bigger challenge. Motivation is the edge successful people have and what gives them the ability to keep striving and moving forward. How do successful people stay motivated? Motivation is internal; we can all control the level of motivation we experience, based on our thoughts, influences, emotions, negativity, and more. To get motivated, you have to start with positive thoughts and neutralize negative ones, focus on the end result and keep a momentum going.

With 2012 around the corner, it’s easy to get motivated. I think the whole planet is motivated on January first, but maintaining this motivation past the first week of January is the key.
Here are three important strategies to help you stay motivated and reach a higher level of success:

1. Stay Focused
2. Boost Your Confidence
3. Ask for Direction

1. Stay Focused

In a previous InSPAration Moments issue, I had an article about how Persistence Paralyzes Resistance and I recommended a book called The Power of Focus. If you have not bought it yet, you should run out and get it or put it on your Santa list. It’s a must have in your Success Library!

Staying focused is easy, if you have solid goals. Make it a habit to have your goals in writing and in front of you at all times, this makes staying focused easier. What we notice, as a business firm, is that most people don’t have clear, defined, specific and measureable goals in writing, and this is a big mistake. If you want to stay focused, keep your goals alive, think of the end result, and that will help you to stay on track!

2. Boost your Confidence
Lack of confidence is a major obstacle. In order to boost your confidence, you can’t dwell on past failures or why things did not work in the past; this thought pattern is a confidence killer. Instead, think of all the positive things you have achieved in the past. Don’t make excuses as to why something is not going to work, focus on all of the reasons why it would. Make a list of all of your strengths and base your confidence on those. The mind is very powerful, if you think you can, you will and if you think you can’t, you won’t; either way you are right. Be careful of your thoughts, replace fear and lack of confidence with strong “I CAN DO” thoughts and you will keep your confidence and accomplish great things.

3. Ask for Direction
The main reason people lose motivation is because they are not succeeding and the reason they don’t succeed is because they don’t ask for direction. Not asking for direction kills motivation.

We all have good intentions. We could be motivated and focused, but if we don’t have a map or a blueprint as to where we want to go, we’ll end up getting lost, frustrated, depressed, get into a slump, and then lose motivation, which leads to failure. This is a terrible cycle to get into. You can avoid this by asking for direction. No need for you to reinvent the wheel, as there are maps to help you run and operate a successful business. You can start the year off with a motivational boost, by attending the Leap Ahead Seminar and GAIN a Successful Blueprint that you will need to help you reach your goals. We all need direction at one time or another and all we need to do is ask for help. It’s not that complicated; the fact is the more we accomplish, the more motivated we are.

Yes, sometimes you may hit a speed bump, but it’s only a bump, don’t turn it into a wall and let it kill your motivation. I encourage you to ask for direction, so that you will stay motivated and succeed!

My advice to you, if you want to stay motivated and focused, is to do the following:

a. Set your goals in writing
b. Know your strengths
c. Hire a coach to help you with direction
d. Keep learning

Special thanks to Dori Soukup for this article. Dori manages a program exclusively for spas & salons called InSPAration Management.

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