Sparkle Spotlight: 1-32 CAV (U.S. Troops)

Sparkle Plenty Designs is honored to create custom rhinestone apparel for our U.S. military soldiers (regiments/squadrons/brigades). Please enjoy reading about the 1-32 Cav unit, while we all wish our troops safety (always) and happy returns.

Tell us a little about 1-32 CAV:
We are the Soldiers, Spouses and Family Members of the 1st Squadron, 32nd Cavalry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) located at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. We have approximately 500 Soldiers within the unit that are specialized Soldiers trained to be army scouts. We are known as the Bandits.

What made you decide to do bling shirts?
We were preparing to conduct some fundraising efforts to support our unit ball and this was one of the fundraisers we thought would be fun and different than a bake sale, car wash or other simple fundraisers. We have a lot of unit pride within our Squadron and the bling shirts are another way to support our Bandits!

When you first saw your shirts, what did you think?
They are fabulous! We were all very excited, and they were even more than we had imagined. It is a very cool shirt and we are very happy and proud to wear it!

Please share feedback you’ve received:

All of our received comments have been very positive, and people are really excited to wear their shirts. It is one of the coolest fundraisers I’ve participated in and we have received a lot of great comments from other friends and families within our brigade.

Would you recommend doing bling to anyone else?

Of Course!! It’s a creative way to showcase your brand and what girl doesn’t want to sparkle? It’s a shirt that makes a statement and you won’t forget the sparkle once you see it! Andrew was great to work with in making our unit crest sparkle!

~ Thank you! Please visit Sparkle Plenty Designs if you’d like rhinestone logo-wear for your cause.

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