SMILE! :) Levin Orthodontics is in the Sparkle Spotlight!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your organization/business

I am an Orthodontist and own my own Orthodontic practice, please visit us here.

What made you decide to do bling shirts?
We had seen another Orthodontic practice do bling shirts and just loved the idea and how they looked!

When you first saw your shirts, what did you think?
We loved the look of both designs and get compliments on them every day!

Please share feedback you’ve received:
The compliments that we receive are from our patients, their parents, and even people that we run into when we are not in the office, but wearing the shirts.

Would you recommend doing bling to anyone else?
We recommend doing bling shirts all the time… except to our competitors!!

Considering beautiful custom logo-wear for your business? Please call 215.389.1877 or visit Sparkle Plenty Designs. You and your staff will be thrilled you did!

About Sparkle Plenty

"We give a glam" ~
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