Cool Bling for the Summer Heat!

Whether you want to bling your body with our pretty array of Swarovski temporary body tattoos — which are now available in 10, 25 and 50 piece variety packs — add some dazzle for your car, water bottle, or even your special summer “Red Solo Cup” with our fun rhinestone decals, sport a cute crystal cap (great for shading your face in the sun), or make a statement with one of our sparkling rhinestone or crystal tees, Sparkle Plenty Designs is the place to shop.

If showing off YOUR OWN brand, business or message is more your thing, then let us create CUSTOM apparel just for you. We can create beach wraps, tanks, tees, caps – just about anything with your logo or idea to have heads turning. Be sure to have plenty of cards to hand out, because bling is always a fabulous conversation starter!

So grab your sunscreen, and show off your Sparkle Plenty Designs bling-wear, and you’ll be looking cool, even in the hot summer sun!

About Sparkle Plenty

"We give a glam" ~
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