Beauty with a Cause: Jing Ai in the Sparkle Spotlight

Donna Cristino, and her beauty brand Jing Ai, are featured in today’s Sparkle Spotlight. Jing Ai represents a cause very near and dear to Donna’s heart, and we think many will relate to her brand as well. Enjoy!

Donna, please tell us a little bit about yourself and Jing Ai. What is the meaning of the brand’s name?
Jing Ai means pure love in Mandarin Chinese is an eco chic beauty brand made with a proprietary blend of USDA certified organic & natural ingredients. The brand was inspired by my beloved grandmother Rose who died of breast cancer. To honor her memory all my products are named after different roses from around the world. The brand is gluten free and our powders are vegan. Our packaging is made with 100% fiber board because we love the earth and we are certified by the Leaping Bunny because we would never test on our furry friends.

What made you decide to do bling shirts?
I decided to do bling shirts because I wanted something that looked glamorous and unique.

When you first saw your shirts, what did you think?
When I first saw my Jing Ai shirts I was blown away at the quality and how beautiful they looked.

Please share feedback you’ve received:
Everyone loved the shirts! It is a shirt that looks great all seasons.

Would you recommend doing bling to anyone else?
I would highly recommend Sparkle Plenty Designs for any project you have involving shirts. Lee and Andrew take special care of everything they do and I promise you will love their work!

Pure Love Grows,

Thank you so much!
Sparkle Plenty Designs

p.s. You can also see the sparkling Jing Ai in the current issue of Wearables Magazine, as seen here:

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