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Sparkle Plenty Designs is thankful to Irene Smith of Writing Wrongs for penning this article about our sisters site’s GOOD TO BE YOU goodies, and thanking yourself this season.

This weekend many of you are juggling a bit of online shopping with completing your Thanksgiving menu and making sure you have the ingredients for every loved one’s favorite dishes. This is what women do, not just during the holidays but every day. Making sure all those you love are content, and finding joy in surprising them with a special treat now and then. “Tidings of comfort and joy.” It feels so good to bring these simple pleasures to others. How many of you find more joy in the giving than the receiving? This season is full of wonder, magic, miracles, gratitude and joy. It is very easy to stretch yourself to the absolute limit with work, home, shopping, cooking and decorating. Remember, you are also one of the beautiful people in your inner circle.

Technology has given us ways to make things much easier and afforded us ways to accomplish much more than our mothers could. Take advantage and do not forget yourself while shopping. Every large store chain can be accessed online, but real joy is finding gifts of a more unique nature. The smaller, but much more specialized lot of products that make us oooh and ahhh! You deserve to shop in comfort whether its online or braving the more congested shops on foot. Many of you will dash to the stores directly after work. Throw a pair of these comfy rollable ballet flats from our Problem Solver section in your purse this season for after work shopping. Your feet will thank you during and after!

When setting aside time for your online shopping do not forget the toll cooking, wrapping and so many other tasks bring to your hands. Surely all of you have searched for the perfect product to cure those thirsty cold weather-beaten hands. With so many products to choose from it is still difficult to find one that really helps. The best ones have ingredients from nature known to help such as this Velveteen Hand Creme (and it smells like a Vanilla shake!)

It is said that our sense of smell is the strongest memory trigger. That means very powerful feelings are inspired by aroma. Never discount or underestimate the soothing benefits of a home rich with beautiful aromas. Whether its food in the kitchen/dining room or the bathroom during a much needed bubble bath in the evening. These are great gifts and do not forget your own need for some pampering, even if for a half hour or so. How about some Black Currant and Bulgarian Rose scents? Nothing like enjoying it first hand to decide who needs some on your gift list. Perhaps an aroma candle to top it off. These, when placed at the entry spot in your home or apartment are the first welcome to guests!

The gifts that are the most appreciated are those created by someone who thought “out of the box.” Many times these are actually the most necessary also. Think of all the annoying things connected with making us beautiful. Straps, clips, tight jeans, and many more. Wearing heels all day (so beautiful, but tiring) The worst feeling is being anywhere grassy (like a tree lighting) or walking on lovely but annoying cobblestone paths. Soul mates heel covers are a much appreciated solution to this very real problem women have. Enjoy them and peruse many other ingenious Problem Solvers.

Many of you will travel during this festive season. We all have friends who travel a lot, whether it be for work or fun. The packing, rushing and deadlines of it are filled with stress! Make it easier on them, or yourself, with some fun and useful gifts like a Weekend Travel Bag or beautifully embroidered lingerie bags in the Travel Goodies Section. It’s all about the surprise, the very unique gift that was not mass produced and found in a department store!

Wherever you shop this season, no matter how many dishes you lovingly prepare, or how many presents you artfully wrap with the desire to enthrall and excite the recipient, remember to make things a bit easier, a bit more pleasant for yourself also. Anything that can bring you a bit of comfort during all the rushing around will make things a lot easier, and you will want to share them as gifts after you fall in love with them also.

May you and yours have much to be thankful for, many hugs and kisses to give and receive, the joy of giving someone who could never afford it a luxury you have grown to love, and please do not forget that it really is Good to Be You!

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