The Season of Sparkle

The team of sparkle elves at Sparkle Plenty Designs hope you enjoy this holiday guest post by the fabulous Irene Smith of Writing Wrongs.

The holiday season is upon us, many have already felt Jack Frost’s first chilly touch. Although each season has its fair share of sparkle, none hold quite the splendor or glory of fall and particularly winter. Whether you will be lighting a hanukkiyah in honor of the miracle of the lights of Hanukkah, enjoying a Kwanzaa celebration of art, music and pride, culminating in a feast, the fasting and personal reflection of Ramadan, or having a Merry Christmas in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, there will probably be a certain amount of sparkle in your celebrations and observances. Some will celebrate no holiday, but surely enjoy the sparkle winter brings. Remember waking up as a child, dashing to the window and seeing the morning sun sparkle on pristine snow, or the sparkle each glorious tree branch held when coated with ice and kissed by the sun? Ever stood under a clear night sky abundant with the brilliance of the stars and moon? That feeling, that completely enchanted feeling. What the sun bestows upon our sparkling oceans is a masterpiece of sparkle no artist’s brush can quite capture. This is nature’s sparkle. We love it so, we have imitated its brilliance in art, jewelry, holiday decorations, on clothing and in architecture.

We have brought it into our homes and adorned our bodies with it for centuries. SPARKLE! Even the word gets us excited. How awesome is the feeling of sitting in your sparkling clean home. If you have ever tried to enlist a small child in an afternoon craft project, bringing out glitter will certainly bring your little participant running to the table.

Women are deeply connected to all things sparkly. Cynics would say we just love expensive baubles. This is not entirely so. A single strand tennis bracelet of the finest Swarovski crystals like THESE will captivate us as much as one of the finest diamonds. The feeling sparkle gives us is not so much about impressing others. It is about the feeling we get when we gaze upon our wedding ring or an heirloom from our mother, or freshly washed and radiant hair, the twinkle of someone’s sparkling eyes, or better yet the eyes of our beloved. Ever listen to someone’s story of falling in love with the love of their life? That story will surely include the sparkle in the beloved’s eyes or the beauty of their sparkling white smile. Those of faith will light candles during their holiday celebrations this season. Some are fortunate enough to enjoy the sparkle and crackle of a fireplace, with its dancing flames, filling their hearts with romance, sensuality and joy. The glow of a lovingly decorated Christmas tree and all its sparkling lights and treasured decorations flood our hearts with holiday memories. Weddings, the beginning of a couple’s united journey and desire to build a family, are full of sparkle from ceremony to reception! Because it is romantic, fresh, clean, new, celebratory and magical.

What is the nickname for diamonds? Ice! The parallel is undeniable. Think of the enormous popularity of Disney’s movie “Frozen.” Of course, their writers once again gave us a beautiful story, but the allure of ice and the beauty of Elsa’s frozen castle, captivated the hearts of children worldwide. Why? S P A R K L E !

Surely your favorite handsome actor or beautiful actress has a sparkle in their eyes or flashes a gloriously sparkling white smile. When you apply your make up, do you remember the old trick of applying one tiny spot of sparkly white shadow on the center of your eyelid to accentuate the size and sparkle of your eyes, or break out your sparkliest shadows for holiday parties? Are your New Year’s Eve dancing shoes sparkly? Does your most treasured Christmas ornament have a bit of bling? Will your holiday table’s centerpiece contain one little bit of sparkle? Even filling a glass bowl or long plate with pine cones and adding some inexpensive sparkly ornaments, or a few old but still sparkly costume jewelry items, and simple clippings from your real tree, will create sparkle. Women love it because it ignites something deep within us. It creates the romance of chill mixed with warmth, the sensuality of all things glowing and bright, the freshness and purity of new fallen snow, the excitement and anticipation of opening sparkling packages that have been lovingly wrapped just for us, and the surprise of what is inside. It is deeply moving, it triggers cherished memories, it inspires us to sparkle!

Wishing all the most joyous and blessed holiday season, the frostiest/coziest winter ever, and hoping you will experience the joy of giving just one gift to a child or anyone in need this season, (if your budget allows).

And for goodness’ sake, enjoy the S P A R K L E ! ! !

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