The 1980s called: it wants its bedazzlers back!

Someone asked us recently at a party, “oh, you bedazzle clothing, that must take a long time?” Well, we don’t exactly use one of those funky gizmos from the 1980s to create our custom rhinestone apparel, but the basic notion of people loving bling still rings true 30 years later, and we know sparkle-wear is here to stay. Hey, it’s our first and last name!

One other myth is that custom rhinestone apparel is not for corporations. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. We’ve created beautiful bling logo-wear for energy companies, banks, rehabilitation centers, dental offices, schools, water companies – even a major electric power company. You name it, we’ve made industry standout!

Read on and learn a few things about our company, and WHY CHOOSE US for your custom logo apparel and/or accessories:

Let’s start with the basics:
We’re a 5 STAR ASI supplier / decorator, multiple award winning, family owned and operated company, specializing in high quality, affordable rhinestone (bling) wear.

Our primary work
is in custom bling apparel as well as peel and stick car/glass decals. We’ve produced custom work for: NASA, Dallas Cowboys / NY JETS Cheerleaders, the Today Show, and the Wendy Williams show, among others, and we’ve created custom work for every business and industry, large or small — as well as for churches , social organizations, non-profits, schools and sports.

Why Rhinestones? Rhinestones are always a big hit with any group of women (any size business, any industry as well as social groups, churches, sororities, moms of kids in sports, etc.). You get frequent referrals and repeat orders. This is because most women love the look of sparkle, and as promotional items go, nothing draws attention quite like a well made sparkly design on a fitted ladies shirt. It looks great and other women want to know where they can get their own designs done.

Pricing: Pricing for rhinestone designs is based on the number of stones, and colors, in any given design so all designs are individually quoted since every one is different.

To get a QUOTE:
 email us at, or complete the our online quote form HERE
For visuals (for you or to show your clients) we can send you a PDF (with no mention of our company). This is a great way for your clients to understand what can be done with stones.

Samples:  If you’d like a RANDOM design, to show your client the stone quality, we can mail you a sample decorated swatch at no charge (or, for $5 plus shipping, we’ll put a random design on a ladies crew neck which makes a great marketing piece for any client or prospect – a finished shirt makes the case more effectively).

One last note regarding our bling: We use premium (AAA grade) rhinestones which provide a very sparkly look and are durable long term.  In addition, our quality control measures separate us from every other rhinestone decorator.   We manually review every design on every custom job, removing and replacing any damaged or defective stones, as well as re-aligning stones to ensure the designs look exactly as they should, and last the life of the garment without stones falling off.  This is NOT the case with everyone in this business.  We have had other distributors come to us, and work only with us, on bling decoration because of bad experiences with poor quality work from other vendors.  This is a really important point, because unlike other decorative methods, there is a higher margin for problems with bling, if not done correctly. We work only with bling, so the quality and workmanship in our designs is better than most. 

 Please feel free to give us a call at 215.389.1877 or send in your art for a quote, and you’ll be a sparkling hit in no time!
No Bedazzlers needed!

About Sparkle Plenty

"We give a glam" ~
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