Don’t. Be. Stupid. (we know you’re not, but read on because this is important)

*FACT: Roughly half a billion dollars ($465 million) is spent just on wearables every year. *source WEARABLES Magazine Jan 2016

Since making sales is what you do (and it helps in keeping the lights on), the question to ask yourself is, am I offering my clients the best options for their decorated apparel and am I offering myself the best opportunity to increase my sales?

Let us help with the answer.


Your customers want something new — people get bored of the same old thing (you’ve probably heard this from them). To your customers, you’re the go-to for figuring out what that new thing is, and how best to use it in marketing their brand, celebrating that special occasion, or just making better, cooler school team shirts for proud moms. One type of decorated apparel does NOT fit all.

You’ve probably been selling the same screen printed / embroidered apparel to both men and women, but women want something that is specific to them…something feminine, something eye catching, something special….something sparkly!

SPARKLE is one of the best ways you can solve their boredom problem (and make more $$). Women love sparkly things….sparkly bling (rhinestone) apparel to be exact. And they’ll wear it more often because it looks good and feels good to wear something pretty.

Think about it: the point of promotional apparel is to provide exposure for a brand, event, etc. What better serves that purpose than something with a powerful visual that draws attention and compliments. If you feel good about something and get compliments on it, you’ll wear it more often and that provides more exposure. Ta dah!

That’s the “something new” you can impress with (and make bigger sales / get more referrals). And while it’s not actually new at all, it’s a massively under served market. This is only because so many distributors aren’t all that familiar with it, but they’re missing out. Don’t be that person. The sales potential is huge!

Here’s how we at Sparkle Plenty Designs can help: if you haven’t worked with bling yet (and since seeing is believing), we’ll send you a bling decorated swatch sample (free) or a PREMIUM RHINESTONE decorated (sample) ladies crew neck tee (just $5*) which will go a long way to helping you make more sales, better connections and have your customers coming back for more (repeat buyers and referral buyers are a sparkle side-effect)!

Call us: 215.389.1877, or email to and we’ll work out the details and get your shirt sent out ASAP so you can see for yourself how popular it is. Until you see it in person, take a look (below):

*5.00 using your UPS acct, 12.50 if we use ours (for USPS shipping in the USA).

About Sparkle Plenty

"We give a glam" ~
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