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Please tell us about your idea for this very cool design:

“I am a huge Dexter fan. Watching season 5 of Dexter helped me to heal from an unfortunate encounter with a sociopath.
I wanted Dexter to have a happy ending so I wrote some fan fiction giving Dexter redemption.

I then had the good fortune to personally hand it to Michael C Hall, and 18 months later I was able to see Michael star in David Bowie’s musical LAZARUS, and I was lucky enough to see Michael again at the stage door. He remembered me, and I asked him if he liked the story. He told me that my story was amazing. That moment was very special.

As a writer, the fact that Michael liked my story meant more to me than an Academy Award. I WAS SO HAPPY with the AXL/DC shirts that you made for me, that I wanted to crystallize the memory of that day.

It also made me think of the AC/DC song, If you want Blood you got it.”

~ Annie

Check out the “KILLER” SPARKLE and Michael C. Hall here:
dexter insta Killer Sparkle & Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter)

Michael C Hall 1 Killer Sparkle & Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter)

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