Team Toni (& some very special sparkle)

The beautiful soul you see above was a sister … a daughter … a friend … and the world to all who loved her. Her name was Toni, and she sadly passed away due to a heroin overdose this past May.

As you can imagine, her family and friends were devastated, but through their tears, they want to turn their tragedy into hope and help for others suffering with the disease of addiction.

Addiction is an epidemic unlike any other that our country has faced, and Toni’s family is on a mission to bring a voice and face to so many people that are losing their battle to this disease.

Please take a look at this very special logo we at Sparkle Plenty Designs created for TEAM TONI in sparkling rhinestones. The art was created by Toni herself — her family used her handwriting from a card she wrote to them just six weeks before she died. As a family, they (TEAM TONI) promise to speak about the dangers and challenges associated with drug abuse, but also the stigma that goes along with it that is just as deadly.

Team Toni will keep Toni’s voice alive, and hopefully help or even SAVE someone who suffers the same way as she did. We were so very happy to hear the bling shirts were a PERFECT fit, because Toni’s smile always had sparkle, and we know her family will never let that fade.

Having her handwriting to create this very special logo is just a personal reminder that every life is valuable. Please help TEAM TONI by learning more HERE.

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