The holiday shopping nightmare…um, season, is upon us!

Are you looking for great gift ideas for all the people in your life? Family, friends, co-workers, your nosy neighbor who kindly picks up your newspaper, then asks you a million questions about your life (usually when you’re in a mad rush!).

While you may be thinking about one particularly large online presence for all your presents, it’s worth checking out the smaller online stores, like Sparkle Plenty Designs. That’s where you’ll find those unique gifts not available anywhere else and good deals to boot! (BONUS: You can shop in your PJS).

At Sparkle Plenty you’ll find a selection of beautiful Swarovski crystal stretch bracelets, available as singles or sets. These pieces catch your attention with the full bling of Swarovski’s latest crystal innovation and at a great price (check out our Swarovski holiday bling).

Available in different styles and colors, you can mix and match to make an awesome holiday gift for the women in your life. All bracelets come with Swarovski tags of authenticity and are packaged in gift boxes. You won’t find these in any Swarovski store.

For something really unique, we specialize in custom design rhinestone and crystal decorated apparel. Whether for a school sports team, a fundraiser, a business or special event, Sparkle Plenty can take a logo or design idea and turn it into sparkling eye catching shirts, hoodies, caps….even decals for cars! All made with bling. To see examples of what we can do for you, take a look here.

Still Confused about a favorite color or birthstone? We’ve got you covered with a GIFT CERTIFICATE!
Call us at 215.389.1877 with any questions — we’ll help make your seasonal shopping a bit less stressful, and VERY MERRY!

About Sparkle Plenty

"We give a glam" ~
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