Bonacquisti Wine Co. in the Sparkle Spotlight

Let’s enjoy some wine and sparkling conversation with Emily (in the photo below) manager of Bonacquisti Wine Company. Bonacquisti Wine Co. is a family-owned, urban winery located in a funky, industrial warehouse space in Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood. Owned by certified Sommelier and winemaker Paul Bonacquisti, Paul’s art-filled winery strives to make wine more accessible, with the goal of welcoming people into the winery as if they were welcoming them into their own home.

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What’s something about Bonacquisti Wine Co. you’d like us to know:
It is the “Cheers” of the winery world. Our mission is to not only educate our customers on the delicious wine selection, but it is also to make sure they remember their visit so they will always return. It’s not what they learned its how they felt when they left. We strive to get to know everyone by name and welcome them to the family in hopes that they will return often.

What do you love about working at the winery?
My favorite part are the people we meet and the events we create here. I love to entertain and make sure that every event we host or have at the winery is absolutely a knock out!

Any surprises/interesting things you’ve learned while at Bonacquisti Wine Co.?

I have learned more about the art of wine tasting and food pairing. I have learned what it truly means to own a business. There is so much happening behind the scenes than just opening the doors.

Name one memory at the winery that cracks you up!
That 81 year old women love their wine as much as the college student. I was delighted to help them order an Uber!!

What was your first reaction when you saw the custom rhinestone shirts?
It was an amazing gift from Lee of Sparkle Plenty Designs in December. It stood out to the public as well. The first day I wore it behind the bar, I had several requests to purchase.

Have you sold apparel at the winery before?
Yes we have sold T-Shirts in the past.

Name your favorite Bonacquisti wine?
Vinny No Neck-Sangiovese. It is named after my nephew Vincent. It is a very nice Table drinking red wine. It is one of our local favorites.

Well, we have that in common Emily, as we also fell in love with Vinny No Neck when we visited the winery last fall :)

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