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rhinestone shirts by sparkle plenty

Most of the time, these designs are used to decorate a variety of apparel (tees / tanks / hoodies / jackets), as well as hats and totes. Bling is always a HUGE hit!

What most people don’t know is that we can take their sparkly design beyond just clothing. We can turn your logo into a bling decal!

You heard right….imagine a peel and stick rhinestone decal that can be put on just about any surface (your car bumper or back windshield, your laptop or phone, your bedroom mirror, your water bottles for the gym!). You could bling everything!

But wait…there’s more! What about bling for your skin? You could wear your school letters or even your mascot, in bling, on your face or arm. How cool if everyone you know went to the big game, all decked out in bling tats? Now that’s a cool group photo — something really fun and different. The same goes for music festivals, fundraisers, whatever you like.
To get started,

Call us at 215.389.1877 email us or send in a QUOTE FORM, and we’ll answer your questions and get you pricing.

custom bling rhinestone decal

Pirate rhinestone tattoo body crystals

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