Dazzling Designs Passed the Torch

Recently, a competitor of ours, Dazzling Designs Inc., a full service bling apparel decorator in Vancouver, WA, went into the sunset after a long, sparkling run of making the world a prettier, happier place (bling = shiny, happy people and they made a lot of people happy).

Angela and Julie, co-owners of Dazzling, didn’t want to leave their customers stuck in a blah, bling-less hell, so they kindly began referring their peeps to us, making sure there was no confusion about where to go to get what they needed.

We’ve been on the case, handling re-orders and new ones as well, making sure your bling is only a phone call or email away from becoming the visually stunning reality before your eyes.

If you worked with Dazzling in the past, or recently found out about them (searching for a great company, only to realize they’re no longer in business), know that they were confident in us to take the reins and make the quality rhinestone apparel you expect.

We’re a family biz, always available by phone or email to answer your questions, and like Dazzling, we make the bling you want, the way you want it!! Just ask for Andrew.

P.S. You never have to deal with annoying phone menus or email auto replies. When you reach out to us you’ll get a real person who’ll actually help you. Can you imagine? Call us today (215-389-1877) or email: info@sparkle-plenty.com. Please check out examples of our rhinestone and crystal work HERE.


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"We give a glam" ~ www.Sparkle-Plenty.com
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