In the PROMO BIZ? If You Want Customers (& Money) READ THIS!

You need new customers. Revenue goals need to be met, you need to grow your business–you’d like more money.

It’s never easy. Potential customers and clients are busy and you’ve got very little time to get their attention, plus, they need to like and trust you if they’re going to buy from you.

We all know this and it can be draining. You can do a TON of work and still not know whether they’ll ever buy. A lot of customers can’t decide and end up doing nothing after you’ve spent time meeting with them, making follow up calls/emails (which sometimes seem endless, because you want to help them).

What’s the easier way? Instead of spending a lot of time finding new buyers, make better use of your time selling new items to people who already buy from you. Hey, you’ve already done the work – they like and trust you, they’re buying from you. Leverage that relationship, get them excited about something new. It shows them that you’re on the ball and you’ll make new sales.

How? If you’re an ASI or PPAI/Sage distributor, you’re probably selling custom apparel a lot (apparel is the largest category of promo products sales), but you’re selling what people already know (screenprinting/embroidery). Nothing new there. You’ll only sell so much of it to customer X this year. Then you have to wait till next year.

What can you sell that’s new? Bling…that’s what. It’s a stand out visual that goes to the heart of our industry…to promote. If you want to punch up a logo or any design, nothing does it like bling. Sure, it’s almost entirely for women, but it’s the kind of look women love, women notice and talk about. And since women make up the majority of decision makers, all the more reason to offer something you know they’ll love.

Bling gets re-ordered and generates referrals.

As for the target market, anywhere you have a group of women you have an audience for bling.

One of our largest jobs ever was for an industrial well pump company. We’ve also done work for oil/energy companies, heavy industry, landscaping, banking, mortgage/realty businesses, cruise lines and even military / law enforcement. It’s a wide open market.

If you’re not sure how to sell it, let it sell itself (like the old Honda car commercial). For $5, we’ll provide you a decorated bling shirt with a look that’s sure to impress. Take it on sales calls, show it around….watch what happens.

Email us: / call us: 215-389-1877.

As Nike says, JUST DO IT.

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