Team Toni (& some very special sparkle)

The beautiful soul you see above was a sister … a daughter … a friend … and the world to all who loved her. Her name was Toni, and she sadly passed away due to a heroin overdose this past May.

As you can imagine, her family and friends were devastated, but through their tears, they want to turn their tragedy into hope and help for others suffering with the disease of addiction.

Addiction is an epidemic unlike any other that our country has faced, and Toni’s family is on a mission to bring a voice and face to so many people that are losing their battle to this disease.

Please take a look at this very special logo we at Sparkle Plenty Designs created for TEAM TONI in sparkling rhinestones. The art was created by Toni herself — her family used her handwriting from a card she wrote to them just six weeks before she died. As a family, they (TEAM TONI) promise to speak about the dangers and challenges associated with drug abuse, but also the stigma that goes along with it that is just as deadly.

Team Toni will keep Toni’s voice alive, and hopefully help or even SAVE someone who suffers the same way as she did. We were so very happy to hear the bling shirts were a PERFECT fit, because Toni’s smile always had sparkle, and we know her family will never let that fade.

Having her handwriting to create this very special logo is just a personal reminder that every life is valuable. Please help TEAM TONI by learning more HERE.

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Sparkle Plenty Designs & are now one!

Sparkle Plenty Designs has a sparkling NEW LOOK on the web — and now, after 14 years, our sister site GoodtoBeYou is now living here too!
Please take a peek and let us know you what you think!
AND, if you leave a comment, you’ll be entered to win a sparkling Swarovski crystal bracelet!)

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A Sneak Peek…

A sneak peek of our new Sparkle Plenty Designs home!
COMING SOON (and we’re very excited)!!

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Arbor House B & B (Napa, CA) Takes the Spotlight

Let’s head to Napa Valley in today’s Sparkle Spotlight!

This past Spring, Andrew and Lee of Sparkle Plenty Designs visited beautiful Napa Valley and stayed at a wonderful B&B called The Arbor Guest House.
Now, we’re happy to be featuring them in our sparkle spotlight – check out their gorgeous rhinestone logo-wear — and by the way, we highly recommended booking a stay at Arbor House if you head out to Napa!

Please tell us a little bit about you & your business.

The Arbor Guest House is a 5 room Bed & Breakfast in Napa, CA. We are a family run Bed & Breakfast and enjoy hosting guests.

What do you enjoy the most about running a bed & breakfast:
Meeting people from all over the world.

— and the hardest thing?
There is nothing hard about running a Bed & Breakfast when you enjoy what you’re doing like we do.

What’s your favorite spot or way to enjoy Napa?
Sitting with a glass of wine anywhere in the Napa Valley.

If you had to open a B&B in another state, where would you go?

We couldn’t imagine leaving the Napa Valley, but if we had to open a Bed & breakfast in another state it would be Hawaii.

And, of course, tell us your thoughts on your new bling-wear ?
We love our bling wear and how our logo shines! We have received so many compliments from our guests.

Dan & Candy

Dan & Candy Cocilova
Owners ~ Innkeepers
Arbor Guest House
1436 G Street
Napa, CA 94559
Phone: 707.252.8144
Fax: 707.252.7385

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Promotional Pizazzz!

Sparkle Plenty Designs is happy to share a profile of a fabulous promotional product distributor in the sparkle spotlight!

We’re chatting about promotional items (and showing off the sparkle we created) with PIZAZZZ!

We’re happy you loved your rhinestone-wear! Please tell us more about what you do please
Pizazzz is your one stop source for creative advertising specialty, promotional items and printed materials! We can provide literally any item you can imagine with a logo on it!

We have the perfect idea for: customer appreciation, trade show giveaways, sales meetings, grand openings, sales incentives, safety programs, open house, mail enclosures, event promotions, political campaign items, fund raising promotions, banners, table covers, labels, forms, stationary, brochures, holiday gifts, food gift items, non-profit donor gifts, embroidered and screen printed items, cards for any occasion, calendars…if it can be logoed, we have it :)

We pride ourselves on more than 20 years of creative ideas, personal service, competitive pricing and on-time delivery! We work within your guidelines and budget to provide the perfect marketing and promotional items to fit your needs.

Any parting words for our readers?
THINKING promotions…BE MEMORABLE…please THINK Pizazzz :)

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A new line of sparkle (& ink) that gives back!

Sparkle Plenty Designs is thrilled to show you a few of our sparkly custom tees we created for customers, a sneak peek of our fabulous new line of ink shirts, and a cameo appearance by a Swarovski crystal bracelet, too!

We believe in paying it forward, so every sale generated gives back to causes and people in need. Please have a look at:

Wear Something that Means Something

You can find all of our items at our shop Sparkle Plenty Designs.

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Promo Products Distributors/Suppliers: We’re on Your Team

At Sparkle Plenty Designs we’re more than a supplier — our team is on your TEAM. We’ll help you understand the product, how to present it to make it work for your client, so you make the sale AND keep your client happy.

We can work out a variety of pricing options, and suggest ways to reduce cost to help you make the sale. We also provide mock ups that will move your customer to buying.

We’re clear on this point: when you make the sale, so do we.

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A Ruff Life Rescue in the Sparkle Spotlight

We at Sparkle Plenty love animals — especially dogs — so we love sharing A Ruff Life Rescue with you.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your organization/business
My name is Kristin Mercer, the co founder of it’s A Ruff Life Rescue. I’m an accountant by day and dog rescuer by night :) . It’s A Ruff Life was formed in 2013. We are an all breed rescue that pulls dogs from high kill shelter all over the country. We also transport the dogs ourselves. We have a group of volunteers That drive to places like Georgia and South Carolina to pick up the dogs and deliver them to our home base in Hamilton, NJ. Our motto is, “Turning Ruff beginnings Into Happy Endings.” We have a great group of fosters in NJ and PA that help rehab, train, and love on the dogs, in order to get them ready for their forever homes.


How was your recent RUFF LIFE fundraising dinner?
The Spay-Ghetti and No Balls fundraiser was a huge success. Our volunteers worked their butts off to solicit donations that were auctioned off to help raise money for spaying, neutering, and our vet bills. The Mardi Gras themed event was a huge hit, but more importantly, we were able to share a little about what we do and why we do it. One of the shelters we pull from, has a 50% kill rate.. this means that one out of every two dogs that walk in the door, never gets a second chance and dies. This is why it’s so important that people are educated on the importance of spaying and neutering.

What made you decide to do bling shirts, and what was the reaction when people saw them?
We are always looking for new merchandise and lets face it, what other rescue has bling shirts?
We think they look awesome and now people can support the rescue in style. Everyone loves the new shirts, but most especially our fosters.

Since you are a dog rescue group, feel free to share a humorous story?
There are so many funny and crazy stories, that we could probably write a book, but here’s one of the funnier ones..
We had pulled a litter of pups and when we divided them up to go to their respective fosters, we totally missed the fact that one of the pups was a boy, and not a girl. funnier yet, the foster never even noticed. It wasn’t until the pup was adopted and the adopter called. Long story short, the adopters were fine with it, loved the pup regardless, they just had to rename the pup.

How many furkids do you have?
I have 3 chihuahuas, 3 pugs and a resident Pit bull foster.

Any upcoming fundraisers?
Our next fundraiser is April 9th at the Jackson Pet Valu. We will be hosting doggy pics with the Easter Bunny.

Any parting words?
I would encourage everyone that loves dogs to give fostering a shot. I can’t tell you in words how rewarding it is. The more fosters we have the more lives can be saved. If anyone is interested in signing up, send us an email at

Check out our sparkle site and be sure to visit A Ruff Life Rescue.

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Shirts with a cause ❤❤❤ and they look FREAKING AWESOME!

Do Women’s Rights, LGBT lives and EQUALITY matter to you? They do to us, and we’ve created a line of cool & comfy t-shirts called WE THE PEOPLE (in both rhinestone and ink) that GIVE BACK to causes you care about, and they look FREAKING AWESOME!

PLEASE KNOW that a portion of ALL proceeds will be given to organizations supporting the rights of women and providing services to women (including women’s shelters) & the LGBT COMMUNITY. PRE-ORDERS will ship in March, all others in stock & ready to ship)

SHOP HERE and you’ll be looking FAB and FEELING GREAT TOO!

(we’re also on INSTAGRAM — please join us!)

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Today we’re checking in with the artsy and fabulous Carley Holtsinger

Carley, please share the reason for this cool design?

The idea came to me a few years ago when someone called me an alpha female. Knowing that it was true, I decided to hand bedazzle a sparkly t-shirt proudly displaying “ALPHA FEMALE” across the chest.

— and the bling?
Being that my alter ego is Sparkle Diva, there was no other option but bling!

Short & sweet, and totally AWESOME!
Please be sure to check out her site, follow her at on INSTAGRAM and grab one of those ALPHA FEMALE ts!

Need BLING for YOUR MESSAGE? contact Sparkle Plenty Designs (we’re also on INSTAGRAM — please join us!)

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