That’s One Sparkling Pup!

pup clover Thats One Sparkling Pup!

This is one happy pooch ☘ (check out the Swarovski crystal sparkle tattoo a customer added for her “model’s” photo shoot) The name of her grooming salon is
Clover Pup Salon

Sparkling Swarovski crystal body tattoos available at Sparkle Plenty Designs

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FINAL CALL (Forever) of Swarovski Crystal Body Bling Tattoos


We’re VERY SAD & SORRY to announce that Swarovski Austria has decided to DISCONTINUE ALL production of crystal body tattoos immediately (they are closing down all tooling for the products ASAP).
AND – we ONLY have until 8/31/16 to place a new bulk order for our customers. Once we run out, that will be it — forever!

tears rhines FINAL CALL (Forever) of Swarovski Crystal Body Bling Tattoos

If you need crystal tattoos now or will need in the future, please call or email us ASAP!!!


P.S. We’re placing a large order, but we don’t know how long inventory will last once it arrives; All other facets of our business remains the same for custom bling-wear and/or Swarovski bracelets.

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The Sparkly Evolution of Gymnastics Style

Olympic leotards used to be pretty plain — now some have 5,000 crystals

gym  The Sparkly Evolution of Gymnastics Style

Liukin remembers her first leotard like it was yesterday. “It was long-sleeved, and the sleeves were black. The body was a mixture of purple, pink, and blue, with geometric designs,” the 2008 All-Around Olympic champion says, adding, “Let’s just say we’ve come a long way in the leotard design world.”

An understatement that is not. When Nastia watched the 1996 U.S. Olympic team take the stage in Atlanta as a child, their uniforms looked absolutely nothing like the ones she’d wear more than a decade later in Beijing, despite the fact that for a long time, outfitting gymnasts was a relatively simple task. But thanks to both advancements in fabric technology and cultural shifts surrounding gymnastics, leotards worn by elite gymnasts have never been a more important aspect of the sport.

“It’s very funny to see it all transpire into what it is today, which is very blingy and showy,” remarks Lauren Hopkins, the founder of the gymnastics news blog The Gymternet. This summer, she’s been working as a researcher for NBC’s Olympic coverage. “It used to be very basic, like, ‘Here’s a plain leotard with some stripes.’”

Martha Karolyi, the coordinator of the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team, even calls them “prom dresses,” thanks to the fact that for most of them, the biggest stage in the sport is as close to a prom as they’re going to get.

This shift occurred around the millennium, when gymnastics leotards began to feature a sprinkle of crystals here and there, accenting a neckline or a sleeve. It’s a phenomenon that Kelly McKeown, the executive vice president of design and corporate relations at GK Elite, the official manufacturer of Team USA’s Olympic leotards, has spent her whole career defining.

What started with plain white leotards accented with simple patriotic motifs began to give way to newer technology that allowed Swarovski crystals to be applied by machine, not by hand — “We only use Swarovski because it’s the top quality in the entire world,” she explains — therefore making way for more of them. “It blew up from there,” says McKeown. “I would say the 2012 Olympics was the beginning of the intense, opulent designs, and we’ve taken it to a whole new level now.”

The evolution isn’t limited to crystals, either. “A big leotard trend right now is ombré,” says Hopkins, but what she’s actually referring to is a process called sublimation. This involves a design that’s physically printed onto an existing fabric, creating colors that artfully bleed into one another and cannot be replicated in any other way.

These changes reflect the increasing diversity of Olympic gymnasts, not only in age and ethnicity, but in body type and skill set. “With the [old] scoring system and how points were put together, there was a certain body type that was more typical, and now they’re such varied body types,” explains McKeown, referring to the 2006 overhaul of gymnastics’ Code of Points, which marked the end of the 10-point system and replaced it with a scoring system that is infinite.

Though the Olympic Games officially just kicked off, there’s a reason that as of yet, the public has only seen just one of the eight competition leotards from the 2016 kit, one that may not even be worn by any of the girls. “They definitely don’t like to let the cat out of the bag — it’s part of the ethos of the team, and Martha, and of the USA,” explains McKeown.

But there are a few things we can deduce. For the first time in eight years, there will likely be none of the bubblegum pink that drew so much attention to the U.S. team in the 2008 and 2012 Games. “Things are going to be very much more patriotic,” she says. GK Elite has also used the sublimation technique, so that the colors of the flag will bleed into one other in fabrics like shiny Mystique and mesh.

And, of course, the crystals. “Some of the leos also have about 5,000 of them, which is more than even in London,” she says. (Total cost? $1,200 per leotard, plus the price of custom fittings all over the world.)

An interesting caveat to the sparklification of gymnastics leotards is that unlike in other sports where bedazzled uniforms are standard, like figure skating, the trend does not apply to men. Because men and women gymnasts train separately from each other, there isn’t much influence between the two groups. “The guys are very, very masculine,” says McKeown. “They love anything cool and hip and edgy.” This year’s U.S. men’s Olympic uniforms will, however, use the sublimation process. “They feel like they’re wearing cool art. And they are!”

While the disco ball-ification of gymnastics (women’s gymnastics, anyway) doesn’t seem to be dying down, it’s hard not to wonder where leotards could possibly go from here. “We were joking about that at the ranch,” she says, referring to the storied Karolyi Ranch training center. “Aly [Raisman] was like, ‘Can you imagine what they’re going to look like at the next Olympics?!’ I could speculate, because there’s definitely still new technology that isn’t out in the marketplace. Some of it is visual, and some is just from the construction standpoint. In two years when we start talking about the next Olympics, we’ll be able to incorporate some of those items.”

But with all the changes to gymnastics uniforms, traditionalists can at least find one aspect of the sport’s style to hang onto. Though the popularity of the scrunchie has waned since its heyday in the ‘80s and ‘90s, every GK Elite leotard still always comes with a matching one.

And even though many gymnasts reflexively toss them out, according to Hopkins, McKeown says that when GK Elite stopped including them a few years ago, they received so many complaints that they ended up reversing the policy.

gymnast1  The Sparkly Evolution of Gymnastics Style
“I asked the girls at the ranch, ‘Do you even use these scrunchies?’ and I thought they’d be like, ‘Nah, we’re not really into it anymore’ but a bunch of them said, ‘Oh my gosh, no! Don’t stop sending them to us because we want to wear them!’” Though you likely won’t see Team USA wearing scrunchies in competition, it’s nice to know that after 20 years of transitions, some things haven’t changed at all.

It’s startlingly easy to see that evolution play out in photos. Click HERE for a timeline of notable Team USA Olympic leotards from 1996 through 2016.

Add some SPARKLE in your world — please visit Sparkle Plenty Designs Customized Swarovski crystal and rhinestone apparel, made by an award-winning family-owned business. Bling is their thing!

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Strapping Good Sparkle with Landen Strapping Corp.!

We’re getting to know the ladies of Landen Strapping Corp. in today’s Sparkle Spotlight by Sparkle Plenty Designs

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your organization/business:
I am the Controller at Landen Strapping Corp. We specialize in end of line closure solutions – plastic strapping machines, tape machines, stretch film pallet wrappers & we are also a Graco glue machine distributor. We provide these machines, parts, materials and service to large businesses all over the world.

Landen blog photo Strapping Good Sparkle with Landen Strapping Corp.!

What made you decide to do bling shirts?

I am a former cheer mom, and my cheer shirt always gets a lot of attention, so it was a no brainer. I am not a cheer comp. I am at work, at Landen. Let Landen get the attention. So I sent in our logo and Sparkle Plenty Designs sent me the proof so I could see exactly what I would be getting and BAM! Instant approval from the owners.

When you and your members first saw your bling, what did you think?
We were so excited about how nice they looked, and they are a special, fun added bonus for being a female – tossing aside those ugly old men style tees and sweatshirts!

Please share feedback you’ve received:

Why do you think people love bling apparel?


Landen blog photo 2 Strapping Good Sparkle with Landen Strapping Corp.!

And we think these ladies look GORGEOUS!

Get YOUR brand, business, fundraiser or PASSION noticed with us at Sparkle Plenty Designs, creators of award-winning rhinestone shirts & apparel.

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Don’t. Be. Stupid. (we know you’re not, but read on because this is important)

don t be stupid dribbble 1x  Don’t. Be. Stupid. (we know youre not, but read on because this is important)

*FACT: Roughly half a billion dollars ($465 million) is spent just on wearables every year. *source WEARABLES Magazine Jan 2016

Since making sales is what you do (and it helps in keeping the lights on), the question to ask yourself is, am I offering my clients the best options for their decorated apparel and am I offering myself the best opportunity to increase my sales?

Let us help with the answer.


Your customers want something new — people get bored of the same old thing (you’ve probably heard this from them). To your customers, you’re the go-to for figuring out what that new thing is, and how best to use it in marketing their brand, celebrating that special occasion, or just making better, cooler school team shirts for proud moms. One type of decorated apparel does NOT fit all.

You’ve probably been selling the same screen printed / embroidered apparel to both men and women, but women want something that is specific to them…something feminine, something eye catching, something special….something sparkly!

SPARKLE is one of the best ways you can solve their boredom problem (and make more $$). Women love sparkly things….sparkly bling (rhinestone) apparel to be exact. And they’ll wear it more often because it looks good and feels good to wear something pretty.

Think about it: the point of promotional apparel is to provide exposure for a brand, event, etc. What better serves that purpose than something with a powerful visual that draws attention and compliments. If you feel good about something and get compliments on it, you’ll wear it more often and that provides more exposure. Ta dah!

That’s the “something new” you can impress with (and make bigger sales / get more referrals). And while it’s not actually new at all, it’s a massively under served market. This is only because so many distributors aren’t all that familiar with it, but they’re missing out. Don’t be that person. The sales potential is huge!

Here’s how we at Sparkle Plenty Designs can help: if you haven’t worked with bling yet (and since seeing is believing), we’ll send you a bling decorated swatch sample (free) or a PREMIUM RHINESTONE decorated (sample) ladies crew neck tee (just $5*) which will go a long way to helping you make more sales, better connections and have your customers coming back for more (repeat buyers and referral buyers are a sparkle side-effect)!

Call us: 215.389.1877, or email to and we’ll work out the details and get your shirt sent out ASAP so you can see for yourself how popular it is. Until you see it in person, take a look (below):

*5.00 using your UPS acct, 12.50 if we use ours (for USPS shipping in the USA).

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Side Effects of Our Rhinestone Apparel Include….

sparkle warn sign Side Effects of Our Rhinestone Apparel Include....

If you’d like to ENJOY THESE FABULOUS SIDE EFFECTS for your BRAND, BUSINESS, IDEA, FUNDRAISER, EVENT or MESSAGE — or if you’re a promotional products distributor or supplier, WE CAN HELP! Please visit us at Sparkle Plenty Designs, or call us TODAY at 215.389.1877.

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Year End Idea for Promotional Apparel Friends

HELPFUL HINT for any of our promotional products friends:

To close a few sales before 12/31 be sure to ask your prospects if they have PROMOTIONAL DOLLARS they MUST spend in 2015. We at
visit Sparkle Plenty Designs, can invoice jobs now & deliver all custom rhinestone apparel in JAN.
money money1 Year End Idea for Promotional Apparel Friends

CHEERS to year end spending icon wink Year End Idea for Promotional Apparel Friends

toast fire Year End Idea for Promotional Apparel Friends

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Tis the Sparkle Season (& add easy profit to your shop, salon or spa)!

caught swar2 21 Tis the Sparkle Season (& add easy profit to your shop, salon or spa)!

As a partner with the finest crystal company in the world, SWAROVSKI, we are pleased to carry a sparkling selection of their high quality stretch bracelets for retail and wholesale sales.

Please take a look at the BEAUTIFUL Swarovski bracelets HERE, and, if you manage or own a retail shop, spa or salon, ASK us (phone 215.389.1877) about wholesale program (with very low minimums). Now is the perfect time to carry these in your place of business for happy customers, and nice profits, of course.

We work with businesses of all sizes, and spas/salons who have a bit of space in their location. Even just a small amount of counter room for POS sales is all you need. Check out the pretty display below one salon created, and their clients LOVED – and purchased – the sparkling goodies, and they quickly sold out!

amber vbrac e1447977633847 Tis the Sparkle Season (& add easy profit to your shop, salon or spa)!

To learn more about this jewelry (or have us create your business name, brand, logo or text) in gorgeous rhinestones, visit Sparkle Plenty Designs,or call us TODAY at 215.389.1877.

xo Sparkle Plenty Designs, Inc.

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Sparkle Supports Military Families

We created these beautiful Military Support Group rhinestone shirts for women honoring their spouses at the point of deployment, and to celebrate a happy and safe return home (the tees are also used for fundraisers for the families).

Sparkling rhinestone apparel is PERFECT for the holidays to celebrate something or someone YOU love ♥.

Whether it’s your military crest, business name, logo, phrase, school, hobby or brand – we’d love to help you S*P*A*R*K*L*E this season.

sparkle bluee Sparkle Supports Military Families

Want some RHINESTONE WOW in your world? Your road to sparkle-land begins HERE

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Real Men DO Wear Sparkle

Of course real men wear Rhinestones (and they look fabulous)!

mangos sparkle Real Men DO Wear Sparkle

Just look at those talented and always entertaining Impractical Jokers sporting some fabulous rhinestone wear, just like SPARKLE PLENTY DESIGNS can create for YOUR message, BRAND, or BUSINESS.

Want some RHINESTONE WOW in your world? Please START HERE

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