Are You Letting Your Abundance In?

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Since this post is about inspirational and a positive mindset, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to post a fantastic article by the very inspirational Veronica Lim. The article below is called “Are You Letting Your Abundance In?” Please read on and learn to manifest, create and believe in creating abundance in your life.

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Abundance can show up in all kinds of forms – health, well-being, friendships, laughter, fun, sadness, joy, and a whole manner of ways. And, in our world as we know it, it also often shows up as money.

But for many people, money has negative connotations. Many of us have seen the greed that can come with money, and the callousness or ruthlessness that can be the energy behind the making of that money. There’s also the paradigm, where if you are spiritual, you renounce all your wealth and embrace the spirit of poverty.

Those are old paradigms. We are shaking those old paradigms off right now, and going through a period where we are learning – having to learn – how to integrate the two into the new paradigm, so that the “material 3D” is intertwined with the spiritual.

(Just as a note, the financial shake-up we’re seeing in our world right now is part of that shaking off of old paradigms and creating a playing field which calls us to find and use our feminine creative principle – but that’s a whole new article).

Notice that I did not say, “materialistic”, but “material 3D” because there is a difference. “Materialistic” refers to the attachment to things and money, while “material 3D” refers to our physical world. There is no doubt that we live in a physcial world and what we are now doing is integrating our spiritual aspect with our physical.

The paradox is that when our spirit is full – when we are happy and fulfilled, being the fullest expression of who we are – the need and want for money becomes less and less. We become less attached to things, perhaps even detached. We do still want to enjoy a good lifestyle (whatever that means to each of us) but there is no attachment to it, simply gratitude. We don’t buy things in the way that we may have felt compelled to in the past, and owning things no longer has the same attraction. Our buying decisions become more conscious. Also, providing we have also let go of any limiting beliefs we have around money, the more fully we express ourselves, the more we experience joy in our lives, and the more we are in that balanced place of desire and detachment for more, the more money comes into our experience as the balancing side of the energy equation.

And because we are also fully connected with our Divine Self and so also the rest of the universe, the desire to help others with that money is also present.

In business terms, our full and open expression of who we truly are leads to our work becoming play and marketing becoming an expression of our passion and what we love to do, as we express our desire to share our passion with others.

This is the new paradigm – for us to BE who we truly are, embracing who we truly are and fully expressing who we truly are through our passion and joy, and to allow in the abundance of everything good into our lives including the potential of large flows of money, which we can then choose to channel toward different purposes to help others if we want.

Many people know that money is energy but still have beliefs and hang-ups about it. I know that I did. On the one hand, I wanted more but then on the other hand, I also found myself being ashamed to openly declare that – because people might think bad things of me if they knew. I often thought that I had handled my money beliefs, but then one day, I realized that I still felt the pain of other people’s poverty (this is one that I remember very well from when I was about three years old). Compassion allows you to feel for others without going into the emotion (vibration) of it and allows you to be in a place of abundance from which you are better placed to help – either physically or energetically, while empathy takes you fully into the vibration of that very thing you don’t want.

Let’s relate money to electricity, another form of energy, for a moment. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that we don’t tend to have judgment and anxiety around electricity. We don’t think of electricity as “bad” even though we know that electricity can be used to torture and/or kill fellow human beings, a practice that still goes on in various parts of our world today. Instead, we tend to focus on the “good” uses of electricity – lighting our homes, operating our televisions, helping us cook and so on. Electricity, most of us can readily agree, is neutral in and of itself, but it is its application and the energy behind that that makes it “good” or “bad”; nothing else.

It’s the same with money. It’s the energy behind our actions in relation to money – be it the acquiring of it or the using of it – that makes the difference. Yet we often tend to keep it separate, making judgments or holding it away from us.

So the question then is, will you stay with the old paradigm where spirituality and money are seen as opposite ends of the spectrum – you have either one or the other? Or will you move into the new paradigm and integrate the two into your everyday, where the expression of your spirit flows and expands, and includes the flow and expansion of money in your life – you have both, because both are the fullest possible expression of spirit?

We are in transitional times. We are learning new ways of being and new ways of blending the material 3D with our spiritual. We will find ourselves potentially flipping between the two – thinking straight line and either-or one moment, and then all-encompassing and all-inclusive the next. Tune into the truth of who you are and ask yourself, “Which feels better?”

© 2009 Veronica Lim
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    Great article, and so true! Love your site and your products!!!

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