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Crystal Bodies

Sparkle Plenty Designs, the beauties of Spanish ELLE and Swarovski Elements wish you a happy holiday season! This sparkling photo was featured on a limited edition hard cover of Spanish ELLE magazine (December 2010). The magazine was adorned with three dazzling beauties, Natasha Yarovenko, Paula Echevarria and Monica Cruz, beautifully ablaze with 15,000 Swarovski Elements.

The same gorgeous crystal body elements (temporary body tattoos) which women, salons and spas around the world use to decorate themselves (or their clients) with bikini belly decor, the art of vajazzling or simply to “bling” phones, laptops, holiday gift or ornaments, books and more to life with the sparkle of crystal.

To see the array of crystal body tattoo designs (or to inquire about a custom design) please visit Sparkle Plenty Designs. They’re happy to help you sparkle for the holidays, or any time!

Wishing you & yours a fun, festive and SPARKLING New Year!

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"We give a glam" ~
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