Has Swarovski stopped selling body crystals (vajazzles)?

While Swarovski crystal body tattoos (you may know them as Vajazzles, body jewels, or bindis) continue to sell like some very hot, hot cakes, the rumor that they are soon to be gone and never seen again is still around, freaking some people out.

Why would something so popular and appealing be discontinued, especially after Jennifer Love Hewitt, current Ghost Whisperer and long time actress, unwittingly created the ultimate marketing campaign for Swarovski’s body bling?

The Vajazzling craze that she started 2 years ago with her appearance on the George Lopez show has morphed into a global phenomenon, adding to the bottom line of businesses from medical and luxury spas, to laser hair removal centers and waxing studios. The vajazzling services these businesses offer are by no means going away anytime soon, especially since demand has grown, as word of the vajazzle continues to make its way around the globe.

Blinging your thing, it appears, is here to stay.

So why then would Swarovski stop selling body crystals? The answer is simple: they wouldn’t and they aren’t. It’s just a vicious rumor.

So if you haven’t already given them a try, check out what’s available at Sparkle Plenty Crystal Tattoos and get some for vajazzles for V-Day!

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