FXB Steps into the Sparkle Spotlight

Our Sparkle Plenty Designs bling really packs a punch, especially when being sported by the fabulously fit women of FXB Columbus at Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping, in Columbus, Indiana

Today we’re chatting with Lindsay Piper, Manager/Owner of Farrell’s Extreme Body Sharing / FXB Columbus.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your business Lindsay.
My husband and I opened this gym in March 2012. It is a program we had both gotten involved in a few years ago while living in Iowa and when work was going to be bringing him back to Indiana we didn’t want to let it go, so we decided to just see what it would take to open one!

FXB is a unique program as we operate on 10 week sessions. New members will start with orientation where we do all of their initial testing and baseline numbers. During their 10 weeks classes are 6 days per week with kickboxing on heavy bags 3 days per week and strength training on the alternate 3 days. We also do before and after pictures during each session. Our goal isn’t weight loss, but overall transformation. At the end of each 10 week session we award $1000 to the participant with the most dramatic transformation.

Wow, that is some great motivation! So, what made you decide to try bling?

We were having a booth at a large local health fair and we wanted to stand out! Plus, my gals weren’t super excited to wear polos and what girl doesn’t like bling?!

When you first saw your shirts, what did you think?
We LOVED them and they were just what we wanted!

That makes us happy to hear! Please share feedback you’ve received.
Several other vendors commented on how cute they were and how much the ‘loved the bling!’.

Would you recommend doing bling to anyone else?

Absolutely! Not only did our gals who were doing the health fair love wearing them, our members loved them and we sold the extra shirts in less than an hour!

We’re impressed – way to go!

Please pay them a visit on the web at
FXB Columbus and LIKE them on FXB FACEBOOK.
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